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Talking Hamster Mouse Pet Plush Toy

Looking for a COOL Gift idea that is unique and fun for all?

We have what you are looking for!

  • Will make for an awesome gift for pet lovers!
  • And a funny one for the pets!
  • Kids will love and have fun with!
  • And even us adults!
  • And will surely bring a smile to your day!

Introducing our new Talking Hamster Mouse Pet Plush educational Nano Doll Toy!

This hot and cute Hamster has a talk back function using a sound recorder inside so it will repeat everything you say no matter the tone and emotion, in a funny way!

Place 3 AAA batteries in it, turn the button to “ON” , then speak to him, and he will mimic you, in a funny high pitch hamster voice!

Pat him or let him talk, and he will bop his head up and down!


Save instantly for an endless fun!


It comes in in 3 hamster colors:

Brown, Gray, Coffee

Special Bonus Offer!!!

Buy all 3 and get a 4rt for FREE!

Save 24.8%

4rt unit will come in a mystery or random color for a suprise! Or if you’d rather have your particular color choice, please note on your order!

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