NewEdge™ Professional 3-Stage Knife Sharpener

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A Safe and Effortless Way to Sharpen Your Knife for Neat Slices!

Blunt kitchen knives? Dull cutting tools? Don’t waste time with a whetstone kit! Just 3 swipes with our Knife Sharpening Tool make old knives cut like brand new – in seconds!

Dull knives are not safe because it can drag or slip—potentially into a finger—as you press down to cut, increasing your chance of injury. They produce ugly, squished and crushed cuts and are a downright safety risk!

NewEdge™ Professional 3-Stage Knife Sharpener

This NewEdge™ Knife Sharpener restores a damaged or dull knife easily in just a few strokes! It is a cost-effective, reliable, fast, and easy to use kitchen knife sharpener, that can turn badly dulled knives to an extremely sharp, beautiful and smooth edge without leaving dull spots, and without straining or using pressure, so you can cut vegetables, fruits and meat neatly, easily, and safely.

Crafted from solid ABS plastic, it’s strong, durable and designed to last a lifetime, without degrading the quality of your pricey blade unlike electric sharpeners where you don’t have full control, and more convenient and sharpens faster than whetstone.

NewEdge™ Professional 3-Stage Knife Sharpener


NewEdge™ Knife Sharpener produces a better edge than any other sharpener in its price range, sharp enough to slice a ripe tomato in one clean swift stroke, without sawing, tearing the skin or flesh, or having to press down hard on the blade. Neatly chop herbs instead of crushing them, or effortlessly trim meat.


Single-stage sharpener never gets a dull knife sharp. Dull knives don’t stand a chance against this 3-Stage NewEdge™ Knife Sharpener – you get brilliant results every time! Prepare/shape, Sharpen, then Hone. Quickly and effectively keeps your kitchen knives brilliantly sharp and restores blunt knives back to their like-new sharpness.


Don’t let its compact size fool you! It makes easy work of sharpening all kinds of blades then tucks neatly away in a small kitchen drawer for neat storage, unlike the bulky, heavy and expensive models. Excellent in the kitchen or in the RV.

NewEdge™ Professional 3-Stage Knife Sharpener

The best tool to keep your knives and cutlery sharp! It features a 3-stage sharpening system that allows you to quickly get your blades in perfect condition.

NewEdge™ Professional 3-Stage Knife Sharpener


  • Safety design: The ergonomic base and easy to hold handle are engineered with non-slip technology to ensure that you’re in full control of the device, for stability, safety, and keeping your hand out of range of the knife throughout the sharpening process. It creates a comfortable grip, a non-slip base, and a straight edge.
  • Easy to Clean: Removable grinding head is easy to clean, just press and hold the groove and pull it directly up to remove it.
  • Fit for kinds of size knives: IDEAL FOR Japanese knives, chef’s knife, boning knives, paring knives, cleavers, butcher knife, hunting knife, pocket knife, and more.
  • Perfect for beginner cooks or even master chefs, both left-handed and right-handed.

NewEdge™ Professional 3-Stage Knife Sharpener


  • Hold the NewEdge™ Knife Sharpener steady on a counter and run your dull steel knife about 3 or 4 times through the coarse slot by pulling the knife towards you and never backward. It is very important to remember that you need to sharpen the knife in one direction only with this sharpener.
  • 1st Step:Ceramic” stage (preparation): For repairing damaged blades and straightening blades before sharpening.
  • 2nd Step:Coarse” stage (sharpen): Sharpens the blade and restores the cutting edge to a “V” shape.
  • 3rd Step: “Fine” stage (fine tune): Polishes the blade and equalizes any surface irregularities that may have been caused.
NewEdge™ Professional 3-Stage Knife Sharpener

Stop wasting your money on new knife sets instead of renewing them!

This NewEdge™ Knife Sharpener is powerful and can handle all of kinds of kitchen knives, and sturdily built so you can expect many years of performance.

Every home should have one!

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NewEdge™ Professional 3-Stage Knife Sharpener

NewEdge™ Professional 3-Stage Knife Sharpener

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